Venue Hire Risk Assessment


We have carried out a risk assessment and draw the following points to the attention of groups using the building.


Emergency Services

A telephone to summon the emergency services is situated outside the Warden's Office (under the staircase). The nearest public call box is at the top of Charles Street - turn right when to leave the front door.



Groups using the building are asked to appoint a leader who will act as Fire Warden for the group in case of fire, to supervise evacuation of the building. The bolts on the back door should be drawn open at the start of your meeting and closed again at the end, making sure the door is securely locked.

The front door and the back door are designated fire exits and are sign-posted. Please note that the back door cannot be used by a wheelchair.

Note that there are two flights of stairs from the first floor: the main staircase and also the back stairs.

Please keep corridors and door areas clear.

Emergency lights have been installed which will come on automatically if there is a power failure.

There are fire appliances near the exits and elsewhere. Please make sure that you know where they are and how to use them.

We have a no smoking policy inside the building (though smoking is acceptable in the yard outside the back door and in the garden).



There is a simple First Aid Kit in the top draw in the kitchen and another in Room 4. Please record any accidents that occur in the Accident Book, which is in the top drawer in the kitchen.


Using the Kitchen

Milk, etc, can be kept in the fridge. The fridge will be checked regularly and out of date products will be disposed of regularly.

The kitchen is cleaned professionally, but please leave it clean and tidy after your group has used it.



We have children in the building on Sundays and at other times. Please keep toxic substances out of reach of children.

Please supervise children both inside the building and in the garden.

Plastic chairs should not be stored in stacks of more than 4 chairs.

Please take care using all equipment.