Symud Ymlaen Report Released

In October 2019, the four constituent Area Meetings (AMs) of Meeting of Friends in Wales (MFW) appointed a group to research ways of simplifying the Quaker structures in Wales and the Marches. Each AM and MFW appointed a member and a trustee, and Lesley Richards from Worcester & Shropshire AM was appointed to convene and clerk their meetings.

The Group’s report is now available, and can be found below. Every member of the four AMs will have received a summary, and the full report and its appendices are available on various websites including MFW.

Each AM will discuss the report in early September, and communicate with each other and MFW by minute. The Report will form the main item of business at MFW’s meeting on 24th October 2020.

All Friends are encouraged to read at least the summary of the report and engage with the discernment of how to move forward. The proposal should enable Quakers in Wales and the Marches to release time and energy and the enthusiasm of Friends for the tasks of the spirit.

Documents in English

Report Summary

Full Report


Appointment of Shared Trustees

The video below provides more information about the appointment of shared trustees.

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Symud Ymlaen - an Everyday Tale

Grŵp Symud Ymlaen – the Moving Forward group created this video to celebrate moving towards our four Area Meetings working together to simplify our structures and strengthen our Quaker life and witness.

Creodd Grŵp Symud Ymlaen y fideo hwn i ddathlu ein pedwar Cyfarfod Ardal yn symud i weithio gyda'n gilydd I symleiddio ein strwythurau a chryfhau ein bywyd a'n tystiolaeth fel Crynwyr.

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Draft Constitution for Consultation

Here is a copy of a DRAFT constitution of a possible Charitable Incorportated Organisation (CIO), with members who are not trustees, for the four Area Meetings with Local Meetings in Wales and Meeting of Friends in Wales, for discernment.

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(Last updated 23rd March '22)