Room Hire Information

Booking Times

Your booking should include any time required to set up and pack away. Please do not enter the room before the start of your booking as other people might be using it before you, and please make sure you leave the room promptly at the end of your booked time.



Parking during 8am – 6pm weekdays is reserved for regular tenants, so please do not try to use the car park.

Outside that time, group organisers are allowed one space if there is space available.

We also have one disabled parking spot, which can be reserved in advance.


Nearby Parking

Cardiff Rapports NCP car park is about a 2 minute walk away:

David St, South Glamorgan, Cardiff CF10 2EH.

And St Davids Shopping Centre car park is only about 5 minutes’ walk, and far bigger:

Mary Ann St, Cardiff CF10 2EQ.


Entering the Building

You are expected to let yourself into the building and find your room.

Entry to the building is obtained by use of the 5-digit code. The code is released to the group organiser. If you do not have the code, please contact us a few days before your booking. For security, the code should only be used by the organiser.

A buzzer will sound continuously whilst the door is open. So for everyone’s comfort, please keep the door closed as much as possible.

Organisers should “Sign In” in the book, located on the desk in the hall.

Delegates and visitors should be let in and supervised by the group organiser whilst on the premises. There is a doorbell on the right side of the door they can use to let you know they have arrived.


Wheelchair Access

The meeting room, kitchen and ground floor toilets are step free.



Organisers should make a register of all delegates as they arrive and leave. This is to allow the organiser to make sure they can account for all the group in an emergency, e.g. in the event of a fire.



In the event of seeing a fire, raise the alarm at the nearest Fire Point then Call 999.

Fire Call Points are located by the Front Door, Back Door, First and Second Floor Landings and on the landing by Rooms 4 and 5.

Exit the building using the closest / safest  route in the event of a fire or hearing the alarm. Assemble in the car park.

When using the building, groups should familiarise themselves with the “Fire Action Notices” and know where to find emergency exits and nearest Fire Fighting Equipment, should they need to use it.

Your must NOT put yourself or members of their group, at risk.

The Assembly Point is in the Car Park, where organisers will need to account for all of their group members.

The Fire Alarm is tested weekly, usually on Tuesday between 10.00am and 11.00am. It will sound for a few minutes then stop.



Male, Female and Disabled toilets are on the ground floor, opposite the kitchen door.

Unisex toilets are located on the top floor (next to room 7) and on the middle floor (next to room 6).



When delegates arrive, after being registered, we ask that they go straight to their meeting room. Large gatherings in the hallway can be daunting for other visitors (some of whom could be vulnerable) when they are attempting to pass through.

If you want to talk before or after a meeting, we recommend that you use the kitchen or go outside.

The hall lighting is controlled by two switches located to the right of the Main Meeting Room door.



Groups are free to use the fair-trade tea, coffee and sugar on the tray.

However, please bring your own milk.

There are some cartons of UHT milk in the back of the fridge for emergency use. If you use one of these, please put a donation in the box on the hall side of the hatch.

Other cartons of milk that may be in the fridge belong to tenants or Quakers, and should not be used without their expression permission.

Follow the notices regarding the use of kettles when the oven is in use.

There is a Fire Blanket and various extinguishers.

There is a First Aid Kit kept in the drawers located in the Kitchen. Get help if needed.


Room State on Leaving

All rooms should be left tidy and as they were found. Please take all belongings and litter with you, and clean up any mess.

If the room is messy when you arrive, please report this to the administrator. There is also a “Comments” book kept where you signed in.

If you have opened a window, please ensure that it is closed before leaving.


Leaving the Building

Please encourage your group to vacate the room promptly when the session has ended, as another group may require it. Note that the duration you book a room for should include any time required to set up and pack away. Please also try to be mindful of others in the building and try not to make too much noise.

Once all of your delegates have left, please make sure the main door is closed behind you as you leave.

If you are the last out, we ask that you leave one light on in the hall and the Meeting Room door slightly ajar.



The building is heated all of the time. Rooms have radiators with thermostats. Please feel free to adjust if required.


Hearing Loop

The main Meeting Room has a Hearing Loop System that is activated by switching it on at the mains. Please do not adjust any of the settings as it is set for optimum balance and performance.



We have free wifi available in the building.

wifi: QMHwifi

password: 2aks3XXX



In case of any problems of difficulties, please get in touch:


Clint Oldridge (Building Manager)

07450 991652


Ken Timmons (Building Maintenance Manager)

029 2022 9817

(at the building Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10.30-3pm)