Oversight and Pastoral Care Team

Janet Rees  David Davies  Lloyd Pritchard  Eileen Schott  Ann Sear

Janet Rees (Convenor), David Davis, Lloyd Pritchard, Eileen Schott and Ann Sear (left to right).

The chief concern of overseers is with the more outward aspects of pastoral care, with building a community in which all members find acceptance, loving care and opportunities for service. (Quaker Faith and Practice 12.11)

The Oversight and Pastoral Care Team along with support of the Elders ensure that pastoral matters are taken care of to meet the needs of individuals and the meeting as a whole. They make practical arrangements to ensure meetings run fairly smoothly such as teas and coffees, door-keeping, opening up and locking up, and welcoming people. They assist Elders to encourage long-term attenders to consider membership, and assist in arranging meetings for marriage, memorials, and meetings for clearness.