To find out more about Quakers, you can apply for a free information pack.

Quakers gather together regularly at their local meeting, such as Cardiff Local Meeting.

Local Meetings are gathered into Area Meetings, and we are part of South Wales Area Meeting, and are part of Friends in Wales.

All English, Scottish and Welsh Area Meetings are part of Britain Yearly Meeting (BYM).

Additionally Quakers in the North and South of Ireland are joined in Ireland Yearly Meeting.

Quakers are present across the globe too!

Quakers also have a wide range of interest groups, and you can find some of them detailed here.

There are also a number of online resources where you can interact with Quakers:

Facebook Page for Britain Yearly Meeting

Facebook Page for Cardiff Meeting

Open Facebook Group “Quaker Renewal UK

Closed Facebook Group “UK Quakers Unbound

Online UK Quaker Forum