Website Evolution

This website is fairly new, and we are keen that its users take a role in its evolution. Our Meeting for Worship for Business has discerned that it will remain a fully transparent website, with no “members areas”, and as such all areas will be open to view to everyone.

There are a few ways in particular we would be interested in gathering contributions, opinions and comments:

  • we would love to add more photos of Cardiff Meeting, and would welcome contributions of digital photographs
  • we welcome activity and interest groups within Cardiff Meeting to provide information about themselves. This could comprise a page on the site and/or a list of dates in the diary.
  • we would like to consider the nature of the content which would be appropriate on a public website:
    • is it appropriate to post minutes of meetings for people to access?
    • how about the posting of Newletters for all to click and download?
    • should our diary contain details of Area and Business Meetings?
  • we would welcome any general feedback which will help us improve our website for all who will use it, be they members/attenders of Cardiff Meeting, enquirers or people interested in Quakerism for research purposes.

If you have any material to contribute or feedback to give, please contact our clerk by email.