Tell us what you think of the proposals

We're all ears.  Photo: Dual Head Mounted Listening Device courtesy of Creative Commons

We’re all ears.
Photo: Dual Head Mounted Listening Device courtesy of Creative Commons

Cardiff Quakers are consulting with the community to see what they think of the proposals. We want as many views as possible. Please click here to go to the online survey. It will take about 5 minutes to complete.

We are considering the following:

A new entrance porch. The entrance to our building is not obvious; it is down a short, shaded passage where people encounter a dark heavy door with a plethora of bells. Imagine someone who has found the courage to come to an AA meeting in the building for the first time; or a recent migrant who hopes to join the FAN group. We want to make sure that first-time visitors are confident about where they have arrived and that the entrance is welcoming. The new porch will be fully accessible for people with mobility difficulties, be clearly visible from the main road and in effect say “welcome, come in, here you are among friends.”

Security. The charities that use our building tell us that security is a major worry for them. This is partly to do with practical issues: they don’t want to be picking their way through needles and condoms in the car park (as has happened); they want to know that their office equipment is secure. But the issue goes far deeper than that. All our resident charities work with vulnerable people who need a place of calm and wellbeing. Some of the building users may be recently bereaved, some may be taking the first steps away from addiction, some may be young people with a history of self-harming. We have commissioned plans so that the building can be more secure.

Window replacement. This will partly address the security issue. More importantly it will make the building far more environmentally sustainable than at present. Windows throughout the building are single-glazed. Our resident charities and evening visitors to the building complain of the cold during the winter. There is limited point in improving the boiler (see emergency works below) if all the heat flies out of the window. Therefore we have costed double-glazing the windows throughout the building. Although the Meeting House is not listed, it is in a conservation area which means the front windows will need to be double-glazed wooden sash windows at considerable additional expense.

We are continuing the process of discerning whether a new Meeting Room would be of value to Quakers and the community.

We have already completed the emergency works:

  • Upgrades to the building electrics including some ‘potentially dangerous’ issues.
  • Installing central heating throughout the building for the first time.
  • Timber preservation to part of the ground floor and some roof timbers.

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