Cardiff Friends September 2015 in 'For the love of...' environmental campaign


Welcome to Cardiff Quakers, a Local Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends.

We hope through our pages you can find out more about Quakers, and you will feel welcome to join us. Meetings for Worship are every Sunday at 11am at Cardiff Meeting House, Charles St, Cardiff, CF10 2GB.

Quakers are members of the Religious Society of Friends. We meet regularly to worship together. In our worship we try to still the business of everyday life and reach a quiet centre where we can hear the voice of God in our hearts.

Sometimes we share our insights: each person who speaks is heard in loving silence.

We are women and men from all walks of life sharing an outlook which respects other people even when we don’t agree with them. Quakerism arose out of the religious turmoil of the seventeenth century. Many were searching for a religion that was alive and empowering and relevant to everyday life. We still hold their fundamental insights – for instance that we should live in ways which express Peace and Justice, and that, as Jesus taught, love calls us to look for alternatives to retaliation and violence.

Traditionally Quakers have been and are still actively working for reconciliation, caring for the environment and encouraging the equitable sharing of resources at a local, national and international level.